About the Author

I am a Physical Therapist by trade. Therefore, for all intensive purposes, I am ‘educated’. Despite my never-ending curiosity about the world, I am not much of a reader. I consider myself an eternal student because I love conversation and I love observing everything happening around me. I love speaking and interacting with, and learning about, anyone and everyone I come across. It is through conversations that I continue down my path of discovery.

When I started writing this book, many ideas and thoughts ran through my mind, as a result of conversations with my patients and friends, along with my own journey of self-discovery. My initial concern was how I could get through this leg of the journey in one lifetime, but I finally did. I sat down, organized my thoughts, and forced myself to finish this project.

What started as a project to improve myself, based on the inspiration I received from my dear friend Shriraj, soon turned into Second Childhood and an absolute dedication to realign myself by taking the idea of positivity and strong family ties out into the world.

I have learned some great things and I know that I am now a different and better person than I was before this journey. I am convinced that any realization has to be followed by self-realignment. I learned this from one of my friends; and I attempted to realign myself, as I recorded notes for this project. The outlet for my thoughts and ideas became this book.

I used to feel as though it was cliché to say things like, ‘this journey has taught me so much about myself and made me a better husband and father’. But, due to the growth I gained through my journey, I now understand the truth of the cliché. I have become a better son, husband, and father to my two children.

If I could enter into conversation with every one of you, then I would do so. Since that is not possible, I am hoping that I get to engage, by means of this book, with at least one new person. Then, I will be satisfied.

Second Childhood