So Manish Patel, who are you?

Well I am a Physical Therapist by trade and I also own and run a midsize Rehab Staffing Company. I am a husband and a father; I am a son and a friend. Most of all I am someone who is working hard to be a better person for all of these people.

Why did you decide to write this book?

I’ve always felt strongly about the need for family relationships, especially relationships between child and parents and seeing the positive impact this relationship can have on a person’s recovery just made me that much more steadfast in my belief. My best friend was a living walking example of loving relationships; I decided to do something about my beliefs in memory of my friend.

How did you find the inspiration for the topic?

My work and my best friend’s life was the main inspiration for me. The blessing of my parents was definitely the reason this work was able to be finished.

What’s the purpose behind this book?

The purpose of this book is exactly what it sounds like, to speak to every one of you about how important it is to have a loving relationship with the ones we love. It will benefit us today, tomorrow, and benefit our family forever. Once we understand what a “Second Childhood” is we’ll be a better “parent” for our parents once they reach there, we’ll all begin to see that their possible dependence on us is not a curse but a blessing. They shouldn’t mind taking assistance from us because it’s our chance to attempt to return their favors.

What is the importance of a “Second Childhood”?

The importance of a “Second Childhood” is learning to respect everything that our parents are not only in our lives as the major architects of it, but symbolically for our society. We’re all standing on the shoulders of giants.

What will someone get out of reading it? How does it relate to me?

Not just someone, but everyone can begin to think about and understand the importance of a family functioning as a single unit. They can appreciate and understand the sacrifices their parents made for them, and it is the first step in the effort towards making your parent’s “Second Childhood” along with your “Second Parenthood” more beautiful. It relates to you and everyone else because nobody is an island, we all need somebody. Also, it will help prepare us and our family for our own Second Childhood.