About the Book

This book is a project of the heart. I didn't write this book because I think I know more than any of you. But I wrote this book because somehow my daily work with seniors and preserve the memory of my best-friend led me on a journey that brought me here. This book is so much more than just my thoughts, it's everything I've learned from all the people I've been lucky enough to meet and call my friends.

We hear it all the time, we live in a fast paced society and it’s a tough world out there. We all grow up, leave home, and are soon caught up in our daily lives. While it isn’t fair to say we forget about our parents, we do seem to (conveniently) put them on the back burner. As absurd as it sounds we put the same people who’s entire lives for a portion in time were dedicated to us, the people that we were at one point completely dependant on to survive, are now on the backburner and that’s perfectly normal.

Sometimes we feel nervous touching base with them once again. If you are going to see your parents for the first time in a long time just remember one thing: parents won’t expect from you but they will accept you, parents won’t hurt you but they’ll hug you. They will never curse you, they’ll bless you. Parents won’t keep you down or hold you back, but they will always raise you up. They will never reject you, and they’ll understand you always.

For the rest of us who do see our parents or talk to our parents regularly it’s usually because they’re the first ones we turn to in our own times of need. We just have to remember that there always inevitably comes a time in their lives when they need us. That’s mostly what this book is about, not just getting ourselves to be present for our next role in our lives but to help us prepare for it mentally. Our parents have taught us how to love and how to be better people; this book is about being prepared when those same lessons of love and goodness are tested.

This is a book that explores what it means to truly stay positive and grateful even in the face of adversity and learning to love another person and be the best friend, son and parent we can possibly be.