First of all, from bottom of my heart I am expressing my gratitude for giving me such wonderful and iconic book.

I am too small person to signify a Book as good as a Scripture but in my opinion this book has it’s remarkable set benchmarks to stand in the raw of scriptures in my library and I have valid reasons for it.

With grace of Lord Krishna, whatever little understanding I have about scriptures I can say they are the greatest boon to mankind to purify their soul and reach as far as or get merged with Parmatma.

What I like the most about this book is – It has enough ingredients to purify the soul right from the place where we stay, I firmly believe and agree with Doctor Manish, if we have two kids and start to see our Parents as our third and fourth child we will never have to feel that we are doing anything special for our parents, neither people will take false pride for taking good care about parents as our parents have never shown any pride for our upbringing they have treated as their part of life not even responsibility.

Unconditional love for parents will start adding lot of other qualities to be a pure soul which is there in our Hindu Scriptures.

In one or other way, it is a good way of opening eyes of society where we have forgotten what our parents did for us is exactly what we are doing for our Kids and they deserve exactly what we are giving to our kids and Life Circle says time has come to a parent of our parents.

If it is a mission to make this book reach to as many people as possible by your goodself and Dr. Manish, it will be a great honor for me also to be a part of this mission in any form because holistic message of this book is a core need of our society in modern tough life where we are close to technology, growth, name, fame , momentary fun, etc… but many of us are far from our own parents because of whom we are what we really are ! who stay at the distance few steps only.

This is a message from my heart. I thought for a second to call you and share but did not find how to start it… also experienced few emotional moment in between…

“ Enjoying changing diaper and running their wheel chair happily is an extreme picture of criticality of any parents in our society but the way it has been projected is simply phenomenal, this example will touch million hearts surely if it can reach to millions…. Well it has touched me….”

Will love to talk more whenever we will meet up…

With love and regards,
Payank (Not an HR Consultant / Not a trainer / A Human Being striving to be as pure as possible with the grace of Lord Krishna)

Dear Manishbhai,

As and When I read some pages of the book “Second Childhood”, I can’t restrain myself to put my views, not on the contents of the book but on the preface of the book. Because its contents is untouchable, It should not be diluted by any other additions Since Originality is pure in itself.

On accepted principal is - you love somebody, only if you know him. Without knowing – there is no love.
Similarly if we want to love God, we must know him.

We know by knowing their deeds through books.
We know Ram by reading Ramcharitmanas
We know Krishna by reading Bhagwat.

In order to read it, we should be literate. Knowledge creates love with God and also makes eligible to have right of reading Bhagwat Gita, Ramayan. Its not like that everybody can read Bhagwat. It is only God who decided about this Eleigibility.

For this we have to make ourselves eligible for that. God gave us so many tools for that some are tough, Saints are making it simple for us.

There are Corers of Ramayana written by different Saints in Sanskrit. And Sanskrit is Devine Language. So In order to understand and to feel the God, One must have to read those books. For that he should be able to understand Sanskrit which is another difficult task.

What saints are doing. They know Sanskrit. They read it for us and explain it with simple meaning. This way it reaches to the whole world Shri Tulsidas Goswami did the same thing. He realized that in this Kalyuga, no one is going to understand Sanskrit now a days in this fast world. God gave a thought in his mind to write RamcharitManas in Tuti Futi Hindi. So basically he wrote ShriRamCharitManas in Regional Language of UP. It’s not pure Hindi too.

All the Pandits of Hindu Culture started opposing but finally, when Lord Shiva Stamped this book with their signature by writing “Satyam Shivam Sundaram” on Ramcharitmanas. It was accepted universally by all the pundits and now a days whole world is following “RAMCHARITMANAS” This book is worshiped because this books has developed Ram Bhakti in every common man because of its simplicity. No need to have a knowledge of Sanskrit.

Now a days nobody is reading Valmiki Ramayan because it is in Sanskrit. And RamcharitManas is being read by all the Kathakars, and Saints. IT is said that if one want to understand Valmiki Ramayan in Sanskrit., he has to go first with Sri Ram Charit Manas in Regional Hindi Language written by Shri Tulsidas.

SriRamcharitManas is simple version of Ramayan written by Valmiki.

It teaches us how to be Good Manav, How to be a Good Brother, How to be a Good Father, How to be a Good Son, How to be a Good King, How to fight with Evils. How to be Truthfull How to be a Good Friend. How to behave with Mother , Sister, Daugher, All this acts make God, not onlyl to live with us, but to live in us. God is not in Paradise, not in Heaven.

Today, We don’t have to tell Dogs that “Be a Dog”. Because they are living like dogs. Unfortunately, We have to tell a Man that “Be a Man”.

Ram Says “Nirmal Man Jan So Mohi Bhava, Mohi Kapat Chal Chidra na Bhava.

It means God Loves pure hearted Manav.
God Makes Manav as “Elegibility” to reach up to this Hinduy Shastra.

Previously the Question was- What make people Love God. The Answer was knowing our Shastras. Again Problem is Sanskrit. Saints started making it simple by writing in Gamthi HIndi. It works.

But again people are going away from those books, now the question is How to bring near this books.

The Answer will be
Second Childhood is the Starecare,
Second Childhood is the bridge between Shastra and God.
Second Childhood is the First Gear.(initializing love)
Second Child hood makes one elegible to reache upto Sharstras

All those Shastras were written by Narad’s Prerna.
Here God himself gives this Prerna to you.

Warm Regards
Jagdish Patel

Mr. Patel's book reminds us adult children to look at caregiving as a gift, not a burden. I must admit, this is a novel concept for me as an eldercare manager, but one that I am warming up to. I appreciate an uplifting book about shifting our perspective and encouraging us to keep trying with our parents. I've learned from some families that the ending years were pivotal in improving relationships with parents so I agree we should not give up. Thanks for this positive book!

Kira Reginato
Radio Talk Show Host

Manishs book reinforced memories of all the rent I paid to my parents and made me wonder if my adult children would do the same.

His stories were very spiritual and showed there is a powerful higher being, If you just permit him into your life.

The book stirred up a lot of memories of my parents and a few friends who were gifts

Lyna Breslow

Dear Manishbhai,

Thanks for the book, titled “Second childhood” We reached home late in the evening so I could not complete the book, but from every chapter your love for Sheerej emanates deeply from the sincerest core of your heart which is quenching divinity in every word you have written for him. You have made me to feel that you are a friend in need & deed too that may prove to be Friend indeed, even for others.

May divine fulfill your aspirations for IQ, EQ & SQ..

Om shanti

Dear Manish:

Many thanks for the courage and insight that went into publishing Second Childhood.

Rarely can one book stir emotions of inspiration, enlightenment, humor, and offer down right "good advice" for readers of all ages.

Your perspective of life's full circle leading our aging parents right back into our arms and our homes to be cared for, will leave most readers pondering if they do enough for their parents.
Do we care for them with the same compassion, love and embrace as we received in our dependent years?
Does society view this as act as responsibility or privilege? This is question is rarely explored to the level coverd in Second Childhood.

Thank you for allowing this book to be a reminder of life's little pleasures, to cherish every moment, and remember memories are our most valuable currency.

Fond Regards,

Gary Smith
The Renewable Corporation

Dear Mr. Patel,

It was a blessing to know your gentle self personally and through your wrting, "Second Childhood." Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your sacred space. I had a meeting with you for only an hour on Wednesday this week but I have been blessed by your gift to me of "Second Childhood" which I read from page to page slowly, relflectively and attentively, from the first to the end in two days unable to stop reading after I started. Your wealth of knowledge, experience, spirituality, kindness, gentle touch, charity, generousity, parenting, etc. is enormous and a gift to the world. "Second Childhood" is very original and has a lot of power to change lives. It is absolutely true that every parent deserves to be parented by their own sons and daughter who in turn parent their own children who need to parent them in order to complete the circles/cycle of life relationships/relation ships. One major thought that struck me in your book is that our presence to our parent is a present and is the greatest present that can be presented to our parents especially at the old ages. I believe this is the same for every relationship too.

I strongly and strongly recommend your book to everyone especially thousands of people out there whose relationships have been broken by divorce, separation from family, friends, loved ones, tough times, economic crises, berievement, joblessness, stress, etc. The only one who matters in life is God whom we all need to conned to in order to be hapy in life. Material things are perishable but relationnship with God is imperishably eternal.

Finaly, I am sorry that your friends Shreeraj and Marie Scherbak went to God soon. I have "great attitude" (gratitude) to God that you and your family survived the carbon monoxide poison.

I must let you know that your book is divinely inspired to be highly recommended for reading and actions by everyone. You gave me an awareness that I too have a "Second Childhood" and I need to be prepared for it as it will come someday.

Thank you for not only for letting me share in the story of your life but also for offering me practical steps of being me to "Quest on," "Pay Rent," "See Near," Circle," "Into Me I See," in 'Relation Ships," " In Joy," be in "Meditation," be "Present," with "Great Attitude," "Pastetime," be aware that "SQ = IQ + EQ," be a friend "Indeed" and be aware that dying "...Is Not The End. It Is The Beginning."

May God bless you and your family for touching the world in a very special way.


Fatehr Phil,,


I must tell you meeting you on yesterday was great!! I was so happy to see our mutual colleague Dipesh who has always been one of my favorite people. He has been extremely pleasurable from the first time I met him. I firmly believe that associations bring assimulations. Simply put, whoever we are around we begin to act simularly. He's in very good company with you my new found friend.

Now about the book, I actually consumed, digested and, read about 65% "Second Childhood" in my first sitting. Ironically, we are having the same teachings in our ministry. We are learning the importance of "loving" one another. We believe that God is love, He created us in His image. As we learn to love unconditionally, God surrounds us with a perfect peace , His peace when we as a people not only exhibit,but live love.

Please provide pricing information. I would like to purchase a few copies as gifts.

Because of His love,
Charlene (at church I'm known as Sister DeNiece)


Thanks so much for the time and effort you put in writing SECOND CHILDHOOD very very inspiring it takes me back to when when my parents were living , Today is 10 years that my mother passed away she had MS and was in a wheel chair for 13 years the last 4 months she was total care I was sitting next to her holding her hand when she passed away .Then 1 1/2 years later my father passed away from cancer so maybe thats why your book touched me so , I will never regret that we took care of my parents at home Thanks again your book is just awesome.

John Hostetler Jr Muscoda Wi

Hi Manish..

I'm sooo excited for you and your book. God always makes a way for things to happen for the good. I am sooo grateful to you for blessing me with this book. When you gave it to me, my Momma (Aunt) was a healthy, beautiful Lady. I think God must have had a hand in us meeting in I believe it was June 2012. In August 2012 my Aunt was diagnosis with advanced stage Leukemia. I flew back and forth from Mich to Az. My final flight was October 4,2012. I helped to take care of my Aunt until she passed October 19. We had to do total care for her at her home. As horrific as this time was for us, your book helped and touched me deeply. I am forever Grateful to you Manish. You have touched me and I KNOW you will touch millions of lives with this book and all of your endeavors. I am so excited for you to get this messages out to so many people that are or will be in this situation or this stages in life.. Thank you so much.. You are a friend indeed for life!!

Kim Gelispie

I finished reading your book this evening and found it VERY inspiring.  Each chapter was a cause for reflection and brought a deep gratitude for the gift of life, as I seek His will for the treasured years ahead.
Thank you for the beautiful inscription to me. You are a blessing!  God bless.

Marlene elwell

Manish; I won your book at our Christmas party , I'm not a wide reader but I like to read books written by Mitch Albom, cause they're short and to the point that's what I like! I got home from the party about 10:30 PM and was in bed ready to try to read your book at 10:45 PM only to be interrupted by the program on TV which was Christmas in Washington. 12:00 midnight after watching TV I was debating whether I should continue reading the book or not then I decided to go ahead and read it anyway, I was so engrossed reading it ; there were moments upon reading it that I had goose bumps and actually teary eyed ,boy did it hit me, your book really got me to my core that when I was finished reading it I wanted to read it all over again, it was weird! The reason why I said it hit me is because my relationship with my parents was not the best although they don't have to apologized for giving me up when I was little I had forgiven them since I was on that age when little kids don't even know what forgiveness means. Anyway my point now is how to get my three grown up unmarried kids in their early thirties to read it. So the morning after I read it I told them that they don't have to give me any Christmas gifts, what they can do is read your book and that's good enough for me. They ask me if it was good and I told them it was that good that after they read it I myself will read it again. Now I'm trying to call my boss and ask where to get extra copies so I can give each of my kids and maybe give them to some of my other friends. Thanks Manish, your awesome!

Thank you.

Hello Dr. Manish Patel:

First of all congratulations on your book, "The Second Childhood." You know, I have been very emotionally attached to your book for a quite long time. Although I have not read it as yet but I know about it for a long time. You would be surprised to know that I was involved with the book throughout its writing as I was one of the few ones who transcribed your dictations about the book. I stay in Ahmedabad, India and got a chance to transcribe it through one of my friends who asked me to transcribe as it was too much work for him. My father at that time was hospitalized after having a mild paralytic attack but somehow since I committed to my friend of transcribing it, I did it and I am glad that I did it.

While transcribing your dictations, it became a quite an emotional exeperience for me also. After transcribing the book, I realized the importance of my parents. I do stay in a joint family along with my parents and my younger brother and his wife and now i am very proud of the fact that my parents are very happy with the love and care they are getting both from me and from my brother. Your book has given me a new direction in my life and I shall remain very thankful to you for the rest of my life. I do hope of meeting you in person some day and thanking you personally for bringing a new light in my life.

I once again thank you for giving me a chance to be a part of The Second Childhood.

Thank you.
Vikas Srivastava.

I visited your Dad recently at his clinic and he gifted me your book Second Childhood. Coincidentally, my father was very ill and was diagnosed with" Gas Gangrine" on 1st March and was operated with your father's help and directive. He was cured but could not survived and left for heaven on 2nd July 2012. I personally took care of my father from March to June, full four months. He was completely in bed and I had to help him right from tooth brushing in the morning, changing clothes, diapers and bath him on a daily basis. He lost his memory to great extent and suddenly, I felt that he is becoming like a child. I read your book today, 23 days after he died, but I remember well, how I treated him like "My Child”. It gave me great pleasure while treating him, simultaneously feeling that he is not able to do things on his own. Me and my wife used to feed him, giving morning tea and biscuits and little liquids he used to take during day and evening. This gave me the feeling to be very near to him, better than all the years I have passed with him. I still feel that he is near to me. Purpose of my writing to you is " to congratulate you on writing this superb book" Second Childhood”. It should be read as an "Geeta" for young generation. Now I understand in better way the meaning of your book. I personally feel that this book should be re-titled as "Revival of Childhood." Do not hesitate to express your views, if you disagree with me.

Thank you.
Rajendra Raval (Rajubhai).

Dear Manish,

I really enjoyed reading "Second Childhood" it has some insight on how to look at aging parents that most definitely opened my eyes. Thinking back to how most treat their aging parents by putting them in a home or just basically ignoring them it isn't fair to the parents you are absolutely right in having said that we owe them the care and nurture they gave to us as children and we shouldn't forget that the way we treat our elderly parents is also setting an example for our children to treat us that way when we reach our "Second Childhood". Growing up in Europe it is tradition for us to take care of our parents in their old age, we are expected to do just that. Living in America is a great opportunity but people get so caught up with their busy lifestyle they tend to forget where they come from, which is their parents. We could all learn from your dear friend Shreeraj and if we all just treat all of our elderly as your friend treated everyone he contacted we would be better off.

Proud to have a friend like you and having the opportunity to work with you means a lot to me.

Sincerely your friend,
Daniel Zykaj